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Paganini Holz - experts since 1994.

Dieter Paganini founded Paganini-Holz GmbH on 18 March, 1994. Operating as sole proprietor in the early years, Mr. Paganini would visit sawmills in the areas of strongest growth to buy sawn timber for windows and doors.


Personal collection on a “piece by piece“ basis was key to offering customers consistent top quality, as reflected in the trunk by trunk and package by package approach. Within the space of just a few years, he had developed an excellent reputation, a high level of professional expertise and numerous satisfied customers.


In response to the ever-growing demand for top-quality sawn timber, he leveraged insider knowledge of the best quality and highest-growth areas and expanded the scope to seek out and purchase round timber, which was then cut into carpentry goods and window scantlings at sawmills.


Today, more than 20 years on, we operate as a stock distributor, store wood on behalf of our customers in warehouses accommodating up to 6,000 m² and deliver to customers on a daily basis via our in-house fleet.


Large-scale drying facilities for mechanised drying of the sawn timber round off the delivery program – a benchmark service reflecting current standards.


We supply and partner craft and industry customers and our warehouse accommodates around 3,000 cubic metres of quality woods and glued window scantlings, available in all standard dimensions and lengths and a wealth of wood varieties.


This generous warehouse space, together with our own fleet, are key to the expedited delivery service our customers enjoy.

Paganini Holz

Professional expertise, high quality and good service - that is how we made our name.



since 1994